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First Mass Father Harry Thiel CSsR, Apostle to the Hmong Hmong Center Father Harry with Pope John Paul II Father Harry Thiel CSsR, Apostle to the Hmong
Apostle to the Hmong

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Timothy M. Radonich, Sacred Heart Janitor
Timothy M. Radonich
Sacred Heart Janitor
I met Father Harry when I worked as a janitor at Sacred Heart Church in Seattle. Father Harry was retired in residence at the rectory. I would clean his room once a week and do other little services for him. He had a hard time walking. Over time we got to know each other. He was a very humble man, who credited God for everything he accomplished. He had three inexpesive plastic rosaries that once or twice a week I would dig out from under the bed. He would fall asleep praying the rosary and loose them in the night. He told be me some stories about how the Lord worked through him in the missions. 25 Years of the Hmong Center, 50 Years the Redemptorist Shepherd Harry Thiel He was very proud of the Hmong Centr and the tweny-five churches he built with the Hmong. He gave me a book published in 2001 called "25 Years of the Hmong Center, 50 Years the Redemptorist Shepherd Harry Thiel". This book is the basis of this website. It includes Father Harry's life story, the stories of his catechists, the Hmong Center and each of the 25 parish churches. There is much more information and many documents in several different languages. Much more than I am able to include in this website. Scans of it are available here. When I first met Father Harry he gave me a small prayer book he had published for the 25th annivesary of his ordination. For the 50th anniversary of his ordination he published a thicker version of the prayer book. A scan if this book is available here.

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